Trends of business ideas in the crisis of 2020 – which business will be relevant in quarantine?

Now all business owners are concerned about the quarantine situation and economic instability. And it became attention-grabbing to me who will win and who will lose in the crisis? Which industries can grow? What opportunities does this open up? Where to invest your attention?

I rummaged on the Internet what businesses were popular in previous crises, made my conclusions and I want to share them with you.

What are the prospects for a classic offline business?

Many businesses with physical contact points will be quarantined. But, most likely, almost everyone who needs to work to maintain human life will find how to work in any quarantine.

Agriculture and production

They will adapt to maximum automation or even delegate some of the tasks to micro-home production when workers will perform the necessary work at home.

Funeral services

Open a “second wind”, open online stores. They will make it possible to order remote services: paid from another city and everything is done on a turnkey basis. What for? Imagine you are in quarantine in London, and your loved one died in Tokyo. What if all countries shut down flights? Online order, payment and you will receive a video report.

Sanitary services and room sterilization

It will be in demand as always, as pests will be bolder and will be converted into systems where robots can perform work.

Logistics and delivery

This applies to the delivery of any goods: food, medicine, hygiene products, etc. Autopilot cars, drones, robots will receive super-acceleration in terms of obtaining work licenses everywhere. Why risk people if we already have working technology?

Health care

He will switch to online diagnostics and robotics, but without hospitals, it still doesn’t work.

Isolated veterinarians will appear without contact with people or their online replacement for home diagnosis or self-medication of mild cases.

In some places, the veterinary services will most likely be oriented toward wildlife or b2b, that is, animal husbandry.

Government agencies and ministries

The state will more actively begin the transition to a smartphone: it will make it possible to “go” to the polls, pay taxes on the Internet, which is already practiced in many developed countries.

Post offices

Self-service logistics will be introduced. In all big cities, there have long been post offices.

Fast Food and Catering

Organize home delivery with an extension of the range. Takeout, curbside and delivery services are booming all around the world. Kyiv is not an exception.

What to do those areas of business who can’t quite manage to migrate online?

Go to contactless communication with the client (behind the glass), contactless payment, delivery of goods and delivery.

Or engage in the service of those who cannot stop their work offline, in order to maintain human life.

For example, car services that ordinary people don’t need because of limited transport. For companies for the delivery of special people and goods, they will become more relevant.

Physical stores will become warehouses, go online for sale, or become safe delivery companies.

Beauty salons will conduct online courses on how to care for themselves at home.

There will be an explosion of online education, retraining of offline professions, information business.

And also, the growth of small home enterprises (food, manufacturing, etc.).

On the one hand, it seems that everything is bad. Many businesses are at stake, and millions will be out of work. But a little time will pass and many will evolve, adapt to changes, and perhaps even a lot of new startups will grow.

So, there is no need to get down in the dumps, stay alive and kicking!

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