Trick IN Treat

(black humor story)

Long ago, somewhere in 1691 or 1791… So far way… In the middle of nowhere…not far from Dublin… there was a small kitty called Pirozhok.

It was really cute pet, all the kids liked to play with him, to feed him with old moldy bread and to make him pur-pur-pur by touching his fluffy body.

One day a witch looking grandmother came to this town from Siberia and baked a lot of hot and delicious pies for local kids. Then somebody asked her about the filling of these pies… The grinning Granny said, “It’s a Siberian traditional dish called Pirozhki and I filled them with fluffy meow mix meat… Oh, what joke! Pirozhki with Pirozhok! Happy Halloween ma kids!”

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