Trip to Stockholm. Välkommen!

Whether on vacation, business trip, romantic trip or just a short impromptu trip to the capital of Sweden, you will be fascinated by this unique city while enjoying the incredible surroundings – numerous clear water canals, modern cityscapes, sophisticated city restaurants, splendid shopping centers, as well as the diversity of Stockholm’s historical and cultural sites. This unique combination is complemented by many recreation parks and green corners, the picturesque scenery of which offers the most wonderful forms of relaxation. The most striking sights are in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. This magical combination will turn your vacation into a special unforgettable experience, and you will return to Stockholm again and again.

  1. Sergelstorg Square is the heart of Stockholm.

Sergelstorg is a modern area in the city center, located a few blocks from Stockholm’s Old Town. The square itself is surrounded by huge modern buildings, while the main attraction — the tall glass obelisk — extends into the sky right in the center of the square. Around the obelisk, you can listen to the magical water rush of a large scenic fountain, while on the other side is a large pedestrian area. Numerous panoramic benches dot Sergelstorg, where you can sit for a while and simply observe the people and the modern perspective of Stockholm.

  1. Gamla Stan, or Old Town.

Gamla Stan is the name of Stockholm’s Old Town. This Old Town covers the entire area of ​​the historic island in the center. You may need much more than a full day to explore and experience the mystical charm of Gamla Stan. This charm reigns everywhere – along the narrow scenic streets, the windows of the facades of old houses, the cult historical monuments. In fact, most of the city’s oldest historical monuments and old buildings are located in Stockholm’s Old Town. It all started in the 13th century, and this medieval charm can really take you away for a long time.

  1. Kungleague Slottet – Royal Castle.

There are so many cool things to do and see in Gamla Stan, but the most notable of these is the Stockholm Palace, also known as the Kungliga Slottet. It is the largest historical landmark in Gamla Stan, located on the north side of the island. Kungleague Slottet captivates your mind with its marvelous mid-18th-century baroque architectural style, while its giant pale orange facades beautifully surround the large interior area. Even a short impromptu trip along the facade of the palace is enough to feel the historical atmosphere, while this feeling is heightened by the stunning prospects of many other historic sites located nearby.

  1. Ostermalm is a luxury center.

Adjacent to the Old Town is another incredible area – Ostermalm covers a large area northeast of Old Town. He is known for his unsurpassed lifestyle. You can feel it everywhere, even in the air. The charming architecture of tall buildings is complemented by clean and long streets. These streets are teeming with designer shops, sophisticated restaurants, and many other luxury establishments that create a full contemporary perspective. In addition to this incredible lifestyle, there are numerous small green corners to stay and relax for a while. After a rest, you can return to sightseeing and shopping therapies.

  1. Sturkhurkan Cathedral in Stockholm.

During your tour of the Kungleigh Slottet (Stockholm Palace), you will be amazed at the other incredible historical views. Sturkurkan is one of the oldest churches in Stockholm. The cathedral dates back to the late Middle Ages, expressing a truly beautiful Swedish Brick Gothic architectural style. Its shapes and colors offer a unique blend of romantic feelings and emotions, and the tall tower can be seen even from across the quarter.

  1. Vasu Museum.

The Ship Museum is one of the most interesting places located east of Gamla Stan. The museum is located along the west coast of Gerharden Island. Your journey will be really exciting because you will go through a lot of landmarks. However, when you step into the Vas Museum, you will forget everything, as you will be stunned by a huge 17th-century warship. It is one of the most famous Scandinavian museums where one can explore Sweden’s significant history and its maritime heritage.

  1. Morten Trotzig Lane, narrow Stockholm street.

In the picturesque territories of southern Gamla Stan, there is one street that is very different from the others. This is Morten Trotzig Lane, which is the narrowest street. By contrast, it is one of Stockholm’s greatest historical landmarks. Morten Trotzig Lane is bounded by the colorful facades of a large number of old buildings. At the right moment of the day, you can see the sunset reflecting in the narrow expanse of the street, shining with light all around.

If you decide to spend your vacations in Stockholm, this is an extremely good idea. Välkommen till Stockholm!

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