True love, pain and faith

Love is a mysterious and, at the same time, wonderful feeling. It harbors unrestrained happiness and slight sadness. Every person wants to love and be loved. First love is an impulse, close to despair. It is the desire balancing on the verge of a dream and pleasure. It seems that even just being close to your beloved darling makes you happy.

At our first love, we often do not notice the shortcomings and perceive a person as perfection itself, idealize him, for what we suffer in the future.

Experiencing the first feeling, such a strong and all-consuming, a person puts it in the first place, while the rest fades into the background. It remains as a vivid memory of a person until the end of his days. It is difficult to forget it, because it is the best experience that can be. And if such love is also mutual, then this is a series of pleasant memories for a lifetime.The very first love is most often very romantic and emotionally filled, in contrast to the following feelings, which already have notes of pragmatism, prudence and depravity.

The name of the first beloved person will forever remain not only in our memory, but also in our soul. Unfortunately, for so many people, the strong first feeling brings suffering and sadness, as it ends, and there is no chance of transferring it into the future. And some even get broken hearts, taking a long time to heal them from depression.

After the only burn-out, it becomes difficult to let this feeling back into our souls. Of course, there are cases when the first love is unique, mutual and for the whole life. But in our time it is such a rarity, but I sincerely believe that over time it will change. After all, these are the same sound, sincere and incredibly tender feelings that a couple should carry with them all their lives. A lot of books, works of art and music are dedicated to the first love. We can just feel and try to express our emotions on paper, canvas, or in other ways. Years pass, and a person remembers and sometimes imagines in his or her dreams that this is not the end of the story, and perhaps after a while there will be a continuation of that unrealizable feeling.

I believe that one day the glow of emotions will reappear, the heart will pound like mad again, and a simple touch of hands or lips will cause the desire to soar in the clouds…

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