Творчість Vs Креативність

(opinion article)

Do you think I don’t know how write “creativity” in English?! Do you consider me such an ignoramus? Look, I’ve just written that, he-he. But today it won’t be about my knowledge of English, but about something more important.

My headline is in Ukrainian, not because I just want to. The fact is that “творчість” and “креативність” in English are spelled the same, i.e. “creativity”, and have the same meaning. However, in Ukrainian these are two different words with two different meanings. I think this is not just a whim of linguists, and there’s some explanation for this. So, let’s find out the difference between “творчість” and “креативність”. It wasn’t for nothing that someone came up with these words, right?

Let’s turn for help to the “СУМ-11” (The Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language).

“Творчість” is a human activity aimed at creating spiritual and material values. So, this word means the process of creating something.

“Креативність” is the ability to generate new, original ideas and implement them. In turn, this word means a feature of character.

“Oh, thank you, author, now we know the difference. Bye!” You can tell. However, hold your horses! I suggest digging deeper.

What kind of people we can call “творчий” (adj. to “творчість”)? Those who realize themselves through certain arts. For example, writers, artists, musicians, actors, photographers, and so on.

At the same time, “креативний” (adj. to “креативність”) relates to persons who find new and unusual ways to solve different problems. These can be marketers, brand managers, designers, businessmen, etc.

So, what do we have? “Творчість” is something sublime and spiritual, when “креативність” is secular and material.

But can “творчий” people be “креативний” and “креативний” people be “творчий”? Definitely! “Творчість” and “креативність” don’t exclude, but complement each other. For example, bloggers can successfully integrate advertising into their videos, when designers can create fantastic compositions through their ability to draw.

I’m gonna reveal another secret. “Творчість” and “креативність” are relatives, almost sisters. They’re both united by the fact of creating something new… Yeah, it seems that the headline should have included “And” instead of “Vs.”

Let’s summarize my scribble! “Творчість” and “креативність” are two Ukrainian words that mean one English, i.e. “creativity.” They’re very similar, but at the same time different, like soup and borscht. “Творчий” people create art, and “креативний” people create money. The combination of “творчість” and “креативність” is an explosive cocktail of success.

What about you, reader? What do you have more? “Творчість” or “креативність”?

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