Twelve Dancing Princesses

The king had 12 daughters. They slept all together in one room, and the king closed the door on a key every evening. In the morning, he saw that his daughters’ shoes were worn out from dancing, and he could not understand, why. So then he decided to ask all people in the kingdom to investigate this mystery, and who solved it, they could marry any of his daughters.

Some people tried, but they failed and had been punished. Just only one man solved the mystery. That was a poor soldier. He did not drink the wine which gave him princesses, and he followed them every night for three days. The soldier found out that princesses descended into the underground kingdom placed under the bed of one of the daughters, where they danced with enchanted princes.

But on the third day, girls noticed the soldier. They took him prisoner and decided to kill him. But the youngest daughter thought that it would be too brutal, so they determined to put him in a dungeon for a while. Then princesses chose a punishment for a soldier: they made him dance with them until the morning.

Princesses understood that he could not do that and would die of fatigue. And that is what happened: the poor soldier fizzled out in the morning…

Well, princesses were glad because no one should find out and stop them from dancing at night. The king thought that the soldier just ran away because he was afraid of punishment, but he could not even imagine that his dead body with a cut throat was lying in the castles’ basement. As for the underground kingdom, it was just the princesses’ imagination, and all enchanted princes were the corpses of candidates for their husbands…

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