‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Mayer

(book review)

Don’t be offended, but you seem to be one of those people who just attract accidents like a magnet. So… try not to fall into the ocean or get run over or anything, all right?”
– Twilight

A wonderful vampire saga…The prohibition of love, the intrigue puzzles, the murder games. At first, of course, I watched the movie, regretting a lot, because the book was much better. It gave more details and more attention to the main characters.

In ‘Twilight’ the story is told on behalf of Isabella Swan, the girl who comes to live with her father in the city of Forks, located in the woods. The settlement differs from others having eternally bad weather. Despite the somewhat depressed state of the heroine, she quickly joins the new school team: classmates take her into their ranks with all the friendliness. Belle would like to live and rejoice, but one day, after a series of strange events that happened to her, she becomes interested in the eccentric family of Cullens, who are considered ‘local weirdoes’ in Forks. This is especially true of the family’s son – Edward, who, in turn, also begins breathing passionately towards a new classmate. But not everything is as fabulous as you might think – soon Belle will learn the main secret of the Cullens and understand that her affair with Edward is fraught with consequences.

As I read the book, I seemed to immerse myself in that atmosphere, worried about Bella so that she would not be harmed. After all, she is a sweet apple in the hands of vampires. After reading, I was delighted, and I advise everyone to read! My rating is 9/10.

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