Two Peaks or Twin Peaks

You have events, movies, or books in your life that change you and which you admire very much.  For me, this is the ‘Twin Peaks’ mystery horror drama series.  I have read the novel of the same name, but it’s completely different from the television version.  It is incredible. 

It was filmed in 1991, directed by David Lynch and screenwriter Mark Frost. Speaking about the cast I am most impressed by Quid McLachlan, who played Dale Cooper, as well as Sherylin Fenn and Medchen Emick. Here are my recommendations to you for why you should watch this series:

  1. The far-fetched and fabulous landscapes of the city Twin Peaks
  2. Top-notch quality of all series.
  3. The exquisite and elegant cast.
  4. All scenes look stylish and aesthetic, sublime and arty.
  5. It is impossible not to get carried away by Dale Cooper’s jokes. His smart and sophisticated humor with ‘damn fine coffee’ and ‘this must be where pies go when they die’ sounds amusing and witty for me.
  6. The atmosphere of magic mysticism and sacred secrecy.
  7. Detective motives with secret signs and symbols.
  8. Incredibly interesting and twisting plot.
  9. 9. Unmatched music tracks with psychedelic effect.
  10. It is a highly original offbeat drama mixed with a detective story, melodrama, surrealism, mysticism, horror, magic, high fiction, and black humor.

So, if you like such blends, enjoy it! My rating is 10/10.

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