Two Pigs and the One

(Derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time there lived three little pigs: Missy, Jessy, Tissy.

When it was summer, they liked to play football and plant plenty of peculiar trees.

When autumn came, they had a large garden that looked like a little forest. Missy and Tissy always thought that nobody can come to their area and didn’t worry about anything. They liked to live in a mess and play with rubbish, unfortunately, slowly it turned into a big pile of trash.

But what about Jessy?

He used to keep in mind the thought about hosting, no matter who it could be: a wolf or a lamb. Jessy had his cleaning days and his favorite part of the а fascinating forest fringe with a fabulous lawn before it. So there was never any rubbish, but there was a little cozy house instead.

When the winter came, it was too cold outside. Animals from other areas wanted to warm up and have a rest.

One day a wolf decided to look for food. He saw an unknown forest and went there. First what he saw was garbage dumb and two tasty pigs, playing in the mud and grunting gleefully. So he decided to eat them. Unexpectedly the wolf assaulted Missy and Tissy that they couldn’t even shout “p-pi.”

Then he went as far as he could from that dumb and faced with a handsome house. The wolf was frozen and wanted some hot tea, so he decided to go in. It was a surprise for him to see a little pig on the armchair reading a book. Firstly he rushed to rip the ribs of this perky piglet and to enjoy the palatable pork too, but…

Jessy greeted him and offered some tea; he was glad to see someone new! The wolf was confused and didn’t know what to say. But Jessy was a hospitable hoggie and had a lot of enthusiasm, so they talked about their style of living, what they study and what their hobbies are. The wolf calmed down and they chattered cheerily all day and all night long.

Well, after such a tea-time they became good friends and made side-splitting parties with other animals during the winter!

*The wolf didn’t know that those pigs were Jessy’s brothers and Jessy also didn’t know where they went off too…

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