Ukraine On Quarantine

April 24, 2020. In Ukraine, the death toll of COVID-19 is 193 people. The number of confirmed infection cases is 7,647. The death rate is 2.5 %. The figures are really dramatic. The year 2020 will definitely go down in history, but this story is not about having fun at home and having a good time.

A few months ago, we could not think that our country would be in this situation, and most importantly, we could not think that we — Ukrainian people — would shape this situation with our own actions. A month ago, our government introduced quarantine in the country to protect people. What happened instead? Quarantine is seen as a vacation. Family outings and barbecues, bodybuilding workouts and river parties! And what? Two weeks brought 2,000 thousand infection cases, 4 weeks already 5,000 thousand, today more than 7,000 thousand people got infected.

Our coronavirus ignoring and careless attitude has turned this situation into the sad reality in our country. On the one hand, I understand that a lot of people go hiking in the woodland surrounding Kyiv.  Antimicrobial forest phytoncides neutralize all microbes, bacteria and viruses getting on their timberland territory. We know that Poland permits its citizens to stroll in forest areas. On the other hand, we are to be cautious, vigilant, and once again cautious!

We need to take the situation under strict control. Instead of panicking, we have a great opportunity to spend more time with our families, invest more efforts in our development, and keep a closer eye on hygiene. But unfortunately, it is precisely the pandemic of the coronavirus that drives us to do so. It is not ourselves, not our inner desires, but the sly virus that, thanks to us, tries to sneak and punish us.

We will change after quarantine. Let’s start paying more attention to the little things, such as waiting for the subway with your friends, walking with coffee, getting up at 6 am to be on time at our University, and just live chatting with our buddies! I am an optimist and I’m sure that soon we will all go for a walk without masks, joking with friends, and walking more than one or two apartment blocks. The main thing is to wash your hands and not go on picnics (forests are not taken into account)! J

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