Ukraine On Quarantine

Mental Balance

Now, it is hard for every Grandma and Grandpa, housewife and yuppie, student and kid. On the one hand, quarantine is a vacation, on the other hand, it is not. Many people get nervous because of these wise or not very wise restrictive measures for daily life. But do we have to panic or be sad about this ‘Black Swan event’?

Surely, I could give some tips on the quarantine activities; I mean various blah-blah-blah about reading books, playing sports, cleaning the apartment, and walking the dog of your Auntie…I guess that you got stuffed with all these ‘bright’ ideas and got tired a bit.

Let`s speak about panic bouts, why not?

You have a real opportunity not to gallop around the apartment, to get together with your family, to enjoy a delicious brunch, to drink a glass of romantic coffee or some freshly made fresh…And with a cup of coffee in your hand to reflect upon panic fits. If you feel them from time to time, what should you do?

First of all, the more you relax the better. Master new and new forms of meditation. OMMMM! SCHMOOM! FEEL FLOWERS! BE FLOWERS! That`s good.

Secondly, look at the sun through your balcony windows! At sunrise, at noon, at sunset. That`s good for you too.

Thirdly, do morning exercise or yoga by the balcony windows, not forgetting to get additionally Vitamin D.

Fourthly, don`t watch all TV programs about the advance of the coronavirus throughout the world and don`t listen to those hysterical experts predicting the death for the whole of humanity. The statistics say otherwise, the majority of people just recover. The COVID-19 death rate is just 2.9% in Ukraine.  Besides, melodramas and comedy films are better for your mental health. I do recommend seeing the eternal ‘Some Like it Hot’ with incredible Merlin Monroe is a good choice for today`s evening. Love and humor will save the world. Panic-mongers will never.

Fifthly, if you are unable to overcome panic in all possible ways and you cannot calm down, use aromatherapy. Take essential oils such as lavender or lemon balm for this purpose. Relax and do breathing exercises, there are so many options on the internet now. In the evening, take a warm bath, turn on the soul music and feel good…Bye-bye!

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