Ukraine’s Three Best Startups

(opinion article)

I want to tell you about three, in my opinion, the best startups created in Ukraine at the moment.

And the first is Petcube. Petcube is a Ukrainian company that makes devices for pet owners. In 2017, this company received quite a weighty award at the technology show of “smart” accessories in London. The camera, for which the award was given, was invented back in 2013, with its help the owner of the pet could communicate and play with it remotely using a mobile app. I think this is a very good startup, because some people work a lot or go away for a long time, so they often do not see their pets, and this app gives the possibility to contact with the animal even being very far away from it. This is a huge plus for the animal itself. Also, a little later, this company created a camera, with the help of which a person can give something tasty to his or her animal, being far away from him.

The second startup is Liki24. This startup was created in 2017. Its founders are: Anton Avrinsky, Sergey Fadeev, Dmitry Lyatambur, Sergey Klebanov, Vladimir Zubenko. Liki24 is a service for finding and delivering medications directly to your apartment, office, or another convenient location. In recent years, more than 705 thousand orders have been made with the help of this application. This service works in 27 599 settlements and cooperates with more than 5000 pharmacies. The application allows you to analyze prices, that is, to find a drug at the most affordable price for you, as well as to see which of the pharmacies in your region is available for a particular drug. In July 2020, the project became known in Poland, where it has been rapidly developing so far. In my opinion, it is one of the best startups, because it is not always possible for a person to go to a pharmacy himself. It is also convenient to see at which pharmacy the medicine will be cheapest and not overpay. The startup became especially popular with the appearance of the coronavirus in Ukraine.

And the third startup is The project was created in 2010 by Yegor Anchishkin. It is a service which deals with the delivery of products from supermarkets. It cooperates with many stores, such as METRO, “Auchan”, NOVUS, “MegaMarket”, “Furshet”, “EkoMarket” and the like. This delivery works in 15 cities of Ukraine.

This service, as I indicated above, has been working since 2010, but the peak of its popularity fell at a time when quarantine was declared in Ukraine. And so far, the popularity of the service is at a high level. For example, after the quarantine, the number of orders increased by 80%. I consider this service, to be as successful as the service with delivery of pills. Since many people are now sick and physically unable to go to the store. And with such services people have the opportunity to order everything they need in peace.

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