Ukraine. The toothless eco-activists and the smirking business sharks

(Opinion article)

Nowadays we live in a world where the ecology problem goes bigger and bigger with every passing day. Through our actions we are always destroying habitats: many cities suffer from smog, animals are dying because of hunting, there’s more plastic in the world ocean than fish in it…

It has many consequences such as flood, drought, human illnesses, dirty air, animal destruction etc. We can’t deny the fact that the effect that humanity is having on the environment is very important. That’s why we must save our planet’s life to live happily, healthy and save the lives of future generations.

Ecology problem is the theme of current interest. But not in Ukraine, where the lonely eco-fighters, like funny Don Quixotes, try to draw the public attention to the brazen business sharks games with illegal wood logging, river sand stealing and rubbish dumping. While doing great damage to our forests, rivers, air, animal’s and people`s health, they feel alive and kicking.

I don’t think it’s spoken enough in Ukraine about this problem. In the USA and in Europe there are special laws that forbid to destroy the environment. In Ukraine, these laws are not functioning. Just only some small groups of activists trying to organize picketing at the locations of illegal sand booty not far from Kyiv, where the drivers of heavy trucks just ignore them together with journalists. The second variant of our green activists’ activity is to snap photos of illegal rubbish heaps and forest lawns with recently cut trees. “Wow! What a tragedy! We don`t know who discarded it! We don`t know who used a chainsaw! We don`t know what to do!”  The toothless eco-activists and the smirking lawbreakers. Lonely windmill fighters against hilarious shadow economy vultures… Nevertheless, like thousands of young Ukrainians still now, like Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream that the ecology of Ukraine will be given much more attention. The saving of the planet is in our hands. It’s awful how Ukrainian people destroy the environment of the country we live in. Everything should start with everybody. I want to believe that faith in humanity isn’t lost in our hearts and in Ukraine a lot of people understand, how important ecology is. Therefore, there is an urgent need to launch a mass media campaign to organize a powerful green movement in Ukraine. Ukraine is worthy of it.

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