Ukrainian city Boryslav is going to be renamed as BorisLove!

(humorous opinion article)

After the British House of Commons summer holidays or the summer recess dates from July 21, 2022, to September 5, 2022, Ukrainians are waiting for Boris Johnson arrival to Kyiv. He said to the British parliament, “Hasta la vista, baby,” and Ukrainians hope to hear his, “I`ll be back!”

A dozen of Ukrainian cities want to rename their streets to Boris Johnson streets, hundreds of young Ukrainian young families plan to call their babies as Boris or Lendliza, thousands of Ukrainian bars and pubs are looking for his unexpected visits to order ‘a liquid lunch’ or ‘a wine o’clock menu,’ having bottles of whisky and quite pricey but, at the same time ‘absolutely delicious’ Tignanello Italian red wine, ascribing this phrase to Brave Boozy Blond, “What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else and avoid whisky?” Millions of Ukrainians, with the 90% favorable rating, according to Lord Ashcroft`s poll, have a burning desire to see him as Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Why do Ukrainians appreciate ‘the one-nation Tory man’ so high?

• He is the man of his word whose speech is simultaneously supported with his actions. It relates to the economic sanctions against the aggressor. It refers to the shipments of the military weapon and equipment for Ukraine including anti-tank missiles ‘NLAWs’ and M270 MLRS, which rockets are always hit by enemy war warehouses.

• He is the man as tough as the Big Ben bell-end, who knows how to kick the asses of his opponents. He was not afraid to visit Kyiv twice when the air alarms and missile shelling was heard in all its districts almost every day.

• He is the European Leader, who said the first, “Ukraine will be free!” and who convinced all his high-rank European colleagues to unite and to supply Ukraine with all weapons it needed: MLRS, self-propeller artillery, air-defense systems, etc.

• He is the Big BoJo friend of Ukraine, not spoiled by a high position, the man with sharp-witted watch and chain, I mean brain, the open heart and high soul, knowing exactly why and how to pronounce, “Слава Україні!” (Glory to Ukraine!)

So, Ukrainian people are looking for the September visit of Boris Johnson to Kyiv and Ukrainian volunteers start collecting Boris Johnson’s salary for the job of Prime Minister of Ukraine!

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