Ukrainian E-learning In The War Time. Thank you, Technoking of Starlink…

(opinion article)

In Ukraine, the transition to the distance learning due to the war time was an unexpected and serious challenge for all participants in the educational process. Professors and students had to adapt quickly to new realities. Internet did not work properly in all regions of Ukraine, especially in the occupied regions.

Of course, the present-day distance learning is not a full-fledged replacement for full-time education, but it still has its advantages. Firstly, the education is preserved in spite of all war time restrictions. It exists and it makes us happy. Secondly, the financial savings mean a lot (because a lot of money is spent on travel, food, and so on). Thirdly, this way of learning is omnipresent and convenient. No need to go anywhere. ‘Your house is your fortress,’ the British were right…And for introverts, who often find it difficult to present something to the public, it is more comfortable to submit works in this way. As for the extroverts, the situation differs a bit…

An individual is a social being. But because of the war time e-learning you often have to sit in a confined space, in a basement, or somewhere else. People who like to talk a lot live are depressed by such circumstances. They need the Sun, the Earth, the Air, the Water, I mean our mother Nature, and other People, including buddies, folks, acquaintances, professors, class-mates, their eyes, their jokes, etc.

Also, one of the disadvantages is the need for constant Internet access. In our modern reality, this is not always possible during the war. And because of the bloody and merciless morale of occupants it is difficult to concentrate and to pull training, even in the electronic form.

I believe that distance learning is a good alternative in the harsh times. We live in the age of information technology, when every home has at least one gadget with the Internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones – all these devices allow us to fully learn without leaving homes. And frankly speaking, Starlink, the satellite internet of Elon Musk helps us a lot now, I guess. What can I say together with my class-mates? Thank you Technoking of Tesla…Thank you.

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