Ukrainian Elephant on Ukrainian Fields!

On October 14, 2020, an elephant escaped from a zoo in a village near Kyiv.

In the afternoon, a young elephant suddenly disappeared from the zoo. Visitors were immediately notified. People were scared, but did not panic and began to help in the search for the elephant.

The search for the zoo staff and visitors began immediately.
The elephant was found by a random passerby in a field near the zoo, where the elephant was quietly pulling and eating hay from a mound.
“The hay in the field is probably tastier,” laughed one of the zoo staff.

It is believed that the elephant ran away because he wanted to eat. The fact is that the elephant is now on a special diet. That’s why he went in search of hay, which he loves so much, but, unfortunately, just the dose of elephant hay was reduced.

How this elephant escaped is still unknown. It is now being investigated how the elephant could have escaped. The owner of the zoo promised to fix this and better monitor the fugitive.

October 15, 2020. Kyiv oblast

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