Ukrainian Resorts!

Quite recently Ukrainians were attracted by an idea to go to foreign countries, to rest from grey ordinariness. Turkey, Egypt, Croatia… Well-known resorts until now occupy the first lines of popular touristic destinations among tourists from Ukraine.

However, the pandemic left no choice to us, pushing us slightly to conduct a long-awaited vacation on Homeland. Ukraine is a surprising state with rich history and culture. Therefore, the rest here necessarily will bring new impressions and unforgettable remembrances. If you keep a question in your head “Where could we have a rest in Ukraine in 2021?” you should scroll the best Ukrainian touristic sites. The first place is the Carpathians. You are mistaken if you think that there is nothing to do in spring and summer. Western Ukraine is unsurpassed at any time of the year. Honestly speaking, to have a rest here in spring is very advantageously: the majority of touristic bases reduce prices after the winter influx of clients, and some excursions, in general, could be caught for pennies.

If you love active rest, then the Carpathians offer you rock-climbing and even spring snowboarding. In the first half of the spring in Bukovel, you can enjoy the annual lowering water passes in swimming suits, and in the evening you can dance on river parties and get a suntan. The aquatic types of sport include the mountain rafting. After the winter season, the Cheremosh and Tisa rivers become flooded. So mountain kayaking grows into a hilarious and risky adventure.

If you arrived at the Carpathians in April and got under heavy spring showers, I recommend you to plunge in the gastronomic traditions of the Hutsul region. Additionally, SPA- centers and lavish landscape will satisfy those, who want to rest from the noise and rhythm of the metropolis.

The Carpathians are splendid in summer too. However, Ukraine can make holiday-makers happy by not only by skiing, skating and snowboarding…Numerous marine resorts wait for tourists from all around the world.

Byriuchyi island is a continuation of Fedotova braid that is in urban village Kirillovka area at the sea of Azov. Byriuchyi is named as an island, because just a couple of decades ago people could get there by boats or by fords.

From 1927 his territory has been forming a state reserve included in the Azov-Siva national natural park. Even in a season there are not very many people that attracts tourists dreaming to be in the middle of nowhere.

Would you like to fly to Maldives, but your budget does not allow you such expenses? To your attention – Dzharylhach island striking visitors with its grandeur and beauty.

This pearl of the Black Sea attracts eco-tourists enjoying wild and clean nature. The unique flora and fauna of Dzharilgatsky National Park will surprise even those, who got used to having a rest at Bali and in Thailand even.

The fans of Harry Potter and Hogwarts atmosphere will get a lot of positive emotions at the railway arched bridge Viaduct that passes through the river Twig to the village of Vorokhta.

Rebuilt as early as 1895, Viaduct forces the tourists to hold their breath and to start snapping unbelievable shots.

Unfortunately, in 2000 it was built a new bridge nearby and now loaded trains pass there. However, an old man still allows to take a locomotive, which, as well as in an all well-known film, produces the clouds of smoke that adds a magic atmosphere. Namely, the village of Vorokhta counts the enormous amount of sanatoriums that help to restore health and rest with a benefit for your spirit and body.

Well and, probably, the most popular among young people resorts of Ukraine is Zatoka, an urban-type sea settlement. This settlement is known for funny festivals and loud evening parties.

Every year Zatoka accepts thousands of tourists from the different corners of the world. And even if you prefer relaxing with your family, this resort zone is ready to offer you comfortable houses and hotels, where nobody will trouble you.

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