Under Spotlights

Standing on stage under the spotlights is the dream of every dancer. Feel the strength from your own movements, feel the support of the audience, be happy only because you can show your talent. With such feelings, my 2020 began.

I have been dancing for three years in a cover team called ‘MASTERPIECE’. We all came as newcomers, with no experience, but with a great desire to dance. We were inspired by Korean music and its performers, spectacular performances and costumes. It was magical, and to become the same was our goal. It was difficult at first, but for three years we worked hard and continue to work to become better.

At the end of January, we performed at one of the largest Korean culture festivals in Ukraine – K-pop Unit Festival. It lasted for two days and gathered on its stage more than a hundred shows. Teams that came from different parts of Ukraine surprised with their performances. Some had beautiful costumes, others – synchronization and presentation. Every year the scale of all-Ukrainian festivals is growing, and the selection of participants becomes tougher.

The last time our performance was back in 2018. For a whole year, our team experienced difficulties, but after a year of setbacks, nevertheless, we took seriously the preparation of new projects. We were lucky to go with two performances, one of which we prepared with the other cover team. New acquaintances in our field is a huge plus, a bonus to which we have gained experience in communicating with people. Organizing people is always difficult, but despite all the difficulties, we succeeded.

Having not been on stage for more than a year, you begin to forget the feeling with which you go there. But, to my surprise, I did not feel much anxiety, any stage fright, rather, a foretaste. Over the years, with our experience, we start reacting more easily to everything that surrounds us and just enjoy our lives.

And here it is, the moment of the touchdown! We went on stage and showed the hours of hard training in the dance hall. We were overwhelmed with emotions. It was difficult to breathe, but only one thought was spinning in our head: ‘We did it. WE DID IT! And it’s wonderful’.

I agree with the phrase of the great dancer Martha Graham that “a dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” I understand that creativity, and dance training, in particular, is an integral part of my life. Only dancing, I feel that I live not in vain. Therefore, I will keep on following my dreams, because I believe that my dancing flights will lead me to freedom, happiness, and success!

P.S. Come out of your shell and let`s start dancing together!

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