Underground Wonder Woman

(archetype story)

Pablo was in a hurry. That day he had his first exam in the art college, so he should not be late! But the alarm clock didn’t work.

He had already gotten into the London Underground and ran to the terminal. His Oyster Card passed the scanner… but the turnstile didn`t open. Pablo pulled card again. And again. And again. Unsuccessfully.

Suddenly a stylish woman in a red coat approached him, coming from the other side. She took his card, turned it over and scanned it. The turnstile opened quickly. She smiled and walked away. Pablo was surprised to see two stars in her glasses made by lights. She looked like Wonder Woman.

“Thank you,” the guy whispered and ran on.

The bell rang a long time ago when he reached college. He quietly went into the workshop and sat by the window. Unpacking, he looked around. SHE was sitting at the table in the center of class and smiled softly. His Wonder Woman…

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