Understanding Or Misunderstanding?


I live with a black cat named Maliuk-Drakosha. After my story, you will want to get a cat or start believing in magic.

When the Maliuk-Drakosha is bored, he watches TV series with me and is very worried during dramatic moments. Sometimes I even notice a slasher smile on its furtive face.

When the cat is not well-fed, he gets angry and resentful.

If he wants to kid around, nothing will stop him, even my father`s slippers!

However, once I noticed something strange. Maliuk fully understands all my words and purrs any time when I caress his soft fur. Dracosha gets angry if somebody scolds or insults him. He absolutely understands whether I’m studying or watching a movie; he often comes and keeps me company. When I get dressed for a walk, or whether I ask a cat for something, he meows in response. It makes me very happy and inspires a lot, but sometimes it scares a bit…

It really was my destiny to find and shelter such a smart kitten with a stickling secret.

Unfortunately, I still have a question: can I talk to animals or does my cat understand the human language?

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