Unexpected Will

Sofia was 19 years old when these events hit her. Her parents died a few years ago.

She worked as a waitress in a local café. When she came home one night and started to clean up her post, a weird envelope fell on the floor. Sofia took it, opened it and couldn`t believe her eyes. That was the letter from Mrs. Chosen (ha-ha the hell of a name). He was writing about the death of some old man, Mr. Foxter, about his mansion and that all of his property was inherited by her, Sofia Dixon, who had no idea who that mysterious Mr. Foxter had been.

However, as she was really curious, she packed her bags and came to the mansion. When she got there, she was stunned. It was a marvelous myrtle mansion with a garden and a lake nearby.

Although, you may think that there had to be some dark mystery that covered up the house but no, there was no mystery until Sofia was found drowned in that lake nearby…

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