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“Traveling makes you speechless, and then turns you into the best storyteller,” so once said Ibn Battuta, an Arab traveler and itinerant merchant, who traveled all over the Islamic world. Hard to disagree. Each of us has ever dreamed of seeing another world. To move away from the usual everyday affairs and look beyond your room walls. To look at other cultures, find new friends and hear exciting stories. But what’s stopping you? No time? No money? No company? Scared? You will be surprised, but for a good trip enough three or four days, a small amount of money, one true friend and a pinch of courage. I will try to tell you about three countries in Europe that will not bite your pocket, will give a lot of positive emotions and tell stories that you will tell your grandchildren. (Note! The grandchildren will not fall asleep from boredom!)

My list of available countries opens with Poland. The Western neighbor of Ukraine, which we clearly underestimate. Many medieval castles and Gothic churches, good Baltic resorts, tasty and cheap beer, charming Warsaw, narrow streets, cozy cafes, atmospheric Wroclaw, delicious food, and reasonable prices — all this attracts tourists to Poland. Do you want to take the bus? Tickets from Kiev or Lviv can cost you from 100 to 400 UAH. Long and uncomfortable to go by bus? You can try the train, but the price will be from 500 UAH in one direction. Too uncomfortable too? Then prepare wallets for air-travel. Their price starts from 1400 UAH. Accommodation in Poland is easy to find. There is a sufficient number of cozy hostels. The mid-price per night will be from 200 UAH. If you are the introvert deep in the soul, you can use the services of hotels, their price is 800-1000 UAH per night. Travel by public transport costs about 30 UAH and the average check in local restaurants from 150 to 300 UAH per person.

The next country on my list is Bulgaria. Tourists love Bulgaria because it is the cheapest country in Europe for travel and accommodation. It is a paradise for the summer holidays. Friendly residents, mild climate, sandy beaches, beautiful architecture, warm sea, and delicious food. If you have not been on the sea for a long time, it’s time to plan right now. There are two ways to get to Bulgaria. The first is the bus. It will be cheaper to go from Odessa. The average ticket price is 1200-1600 UAH. But bus trips are not for everyone. They can be exhausting. The second option is the plane. But the price point is slightly higher than the bus. Their price is from 1900 to 2300 UAH. But you can find cheaper tickets. Website for every low-cost traveler lowcost.ua, there you will be able to monitor the best deals. Accommodation is also not expensive. The average price of the hostel per night — 300 UAH and the hotel 700 UAH. For travel by public transport you can pay from 25 UAH and the average bill in a restaurant from 120 to 300 UAH.

The third country is Romania. In Romania, one of the cheapest countries in Europe in 2019, you can organize an unforgettable vacation. It is worth going there for the sake of medieval cities and gloomy castles, ancient monasteries, and churches. Also, this place will like snappy skiers and romantic lovers to lie on the beautiful sandy beach. Well, do not forget the legend of Dracula. Do you remember how he called his daughter and son? Yeah, Bloody Mary and Vein-Killa. It is from here they started their triumphal march all around the world! But the local prices will not bite you for sure! You can get to the capital of Romania, Bucharest by plane or bus. The average price of the bus 1300-1600 UAH. Prices for flights are much more expensive, they start from 2500 UAH. But if you are tracking sites with low-cost deals, you can find cheaper. For the night in the hostel, you will give 200-400 UAH, and for the night in the hotel 500-900. A trip by public transport will cost you from 10 to 20 UAH, and the average check for delicious food in the restaurant will be from 150 to 400 UAH.

Expensive traveling — it’s a myth. And I am the true born myth buster. If you want to see the world, then everything is in your hands. Do it. It does not take as much time as the construction of the architectural masterpieces in Warsaw, it does not need the crowds of tourists on the beaches of Bulgaria and the price of the trip will not bite, as Dracula did it in his time.

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