Valery Ananiev ‘Traces on the road’

(Book review)

Freshly. Exciting.Truthfully.

The author, Valery Ananiev, honestly writes about his childhood and youth, how he went to the army, was in the legendary ‘Desna,’ and in the end went to the war.

All the traumatic experiences that the author talks about in the book could not break him. Therefore, to some extent, “Traces on the road” can be considered a psychological book. It seems to be the confession of a soldier who lived through the terrible events that were meant by the original concept of ‘war.’

‘Traces on the road’ – a strong book about war, about thoughts and experiences, about honor and freedom. It is interestingly written, with good style. I was most impressed by the realities of the time, the situation in which the Ukrainian army met the enemy, the author’s honesty to himself and to the readers.

It is a very powerful book, illustrated by real videos and photos taken in 2014. The book takes the reader to the front of events unfolding in the East of Ukraine. Thanks to the fact that words are supplemented with materials that can be seen using QR-codes, you are completely immersed in the difficult atmosphere of the book. This is an entirely new and unique reading experience for me.

The book ‘Traces on the road’ is alive because it is written on the personal experience of Valery Ananiev. The author’s personality adds the scale. After reading, the book leaves a place for reflection, it is really cool and definitely worth your attention. Must read! 5 stars.

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