Video blog on YouTube: TOP-5 tips for beginners

It will be about content – how to make videos to be watched and about its promotion – what works, and how exactly works. If you are just thinking about creating a YouTube channel or have already taken the first steps, then read this article.

1. Video duration

The optimal timing of a video on the channel about your business is 4:00-5:30 minutes. With this duration, the engagement in viewing is much higher. The viewer does not have time to get tired and distracted or switch.

If the video is full of facts, figures, then the duration of viewing lies in the region of 6:25, provided that all this is well laid out and framed, and the video has headings, rhythm and tempo.

2. Ways to promote video

When working on a corporate YouTube channel, plan at least ⅓ of the project budget for advertising. There is no point in waiting for 100% organic views, because with 100% organic, video blogs for business gain hundreds, rarely thousands of views. In addition, users’ trust in videos that have a lot of views, likes and comments is higher.

Google Ads

Promotion of videos through Google Ads is the most transparent and reliable method if you need reach of tens of thousands. On average, in the Google advertising network, one view costs 50 kopecks. For example: 5,000 rubles is 10,000 views.

Blogger integrations

If you need to reach hundreds of thousands or millions of users, then you can consider integrating with bloggers. Integrations for good bloggers are expensive. Bad bloggers have cheap but useless.

3. How men and women watch YouTube videos

Differently. So, if the video contains technical information and no emotion, women don’t watch. Even if it falls into their circle of interests. The male half of the audience is ready to watch information-laden and even complex things. But the material should be laid in a simple, clear and orderly way. Narrative is like a railway, from point A to point B, without forks and turns, without digressions and parallel plots.

4. How to measure the effectiveness of a video blog on YouTube

Retention is more important than reach. YouTube retention shows how engaged your users are watching your videos, how interesting they are. Retention is the quality of looking. This figure should be kept within 45%. If it is less than 20%, then things are really bad. For our projects, we consider 45-55% acceptable. But we always try to finish up to 70% and usually it succeeds.

Retention above 55% can only be achieved with good analytics and a good level of production. If the source material is poor and the video is weak, then you can reach a million views, but the retention will be low and communication is weak. The shorter the video, the easier it is to keep more engagement – simple math. Test different video timing options, assess engagement and find the optimal ratio.

5. Whom to frame

It is better to put a person in the frame who is able to easily and organically communicate with the viewer. Not to give out the text and to report something, namely to communicate. That is, if you have a boring commercial director in a gray suit with a graduate degree and an enthusiastic girl, then the second is worth choosing.

Getting an organic person to stop talking nonsense is easier than teaching a boring person to be fun and emotional.

At the beginning of viewing, the viewer begins to follow the emotions and changes, and only then is included in the assimilation of the material. If you neglect this, then your fascinating video will turn into an algebra lesson from the viewer’s childhood. The viewer will not like such a ghost of the past and will leave to watch something else.

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