Vikings` Ostrich

Once upon a time, there lived a man and his wife who were so happy to own the ostrich that had a golden paw. It was very strange that the ostrich, which usually lived in Africa, ended up in Sweden, where the Vikings lived.

This couple had no money at all. So we could just imagine how they were happy because wherever the bird came, everything turned into small gold coins. Soon they got rich and began to live in high cotton.  In spite of their luck, however, they soon stopped being satisfied with their fortune and wanted more and more.

Vikings decided that if they cut off the paw of the ostrich, they would receive a huge bar of gold and become the richest in the country. Without thinking twice, they did this.

However, when they cut off a bird’s paw, their gold didn’t increase, but on the contrary, everything that had been before just disappeared forever.

Moral: Greed is destructive. It kills even ostriches in Vikings` lands.

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