Vision Board

The Vision Board is a great motivator for those who need a boost to do a goal. Surprisingly, sometimes we get what we want when we visualize it. Although we don’t notice how we start actively working in this direction. The right wish map is not just a beautifully made collage. It is a creative process that requires some knowledge. This article will tell you how to make an effective wish map.

You need to study the philosophy of feng shui to create a proper wish map. There is a stereotype that feng shui is about arranging furniture correctly. In fact, it is a philosophy about the harmony of man and the universe, the main purpose of which is to find favorable currents and use them for the benefit of man.

You also need to understand that it is very important to divide the map into sectors for the proper distribution of those very flows.

  1. Wealth. Success in work, the successful opening of a business, and the purchase of the real estate.
  2. Popularity. If you want to have recognition and success in a bohemian society, then fill this sector with your desires.
  3. Relationships. Love, marriage, ideal man or woman — all desires on this theme.
  4. Family. The ideal section for the realization of desires about a good relationship with family and friends or a pet.
  5. Health. Dreams of a good figure, healthy skin, etc.
  6. Creativity. Want to find a hobby, paste pictures, crafts in this sector.
  7. Learning. It is never late to study, so this sector is relevant not only for young people.
  8. Travelling. Dreaming of visiting the Maldives, Bali, or Dubai? Look for inspiring photos and feel free to stick them on the board.

But remember, any wish card won’t work without your faith and trying to succeed. You can achieve something, fight for what you believe in. Your dreams are your legitimately assigned goals.

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