Visualization and Degradation

Captains of Lolage Business and Craiptains of Driddy Dupes

(Opinion article)

 “To achieve the goal, you must first go”
— Honore de Balzac

At least once in your life, you faced the fact that nothing worked, everything went wrong, everything fell apart and crashed in your hands.  You stood, waving your arms in wild hysterics, yelling at the cellophane bag because it did not open with a thousandth attempt.  And it would seem, that the very last drop would break you with wonder why everything was so well till that moment, that all troubles would pour down the eternal river of life.  Where the water flows – the troubles go…And here, as the heavenly manna you caught suddenly the spicy tips of various bloggers / advisers / esoterics / shamans and “psychics”! They brightly prophesy your fate on your Instagram, detailing your life, saying what to eat,  where to live, what friend to choose, how to dress, how to sleep, everything! Blimey! They fight with each other to cheer you up like in ‘Santa Barbara’ serial! They keep the torches lit and unconditionally decide for you what smart session to follow! They know what to do with all this “cutting edge information” and how to monitor it and move on!

These pseudo-helpers of your fate, offer to visualize your desires – and voila!  Everything will be tip-top! But not immediately, they claim, firmly convincing us of the benefits of visualization, but also such a thing as a free astrology natal chart!  Well, as soon as we buy these natal cards, straight away all our problems will evaporate, together with 500 UAH for this card!  It seems like good advice, we run faster to visualize dreams.  In 3 hours they will realize your and their desires, and after creating posters for everything you want, they will help you to understand just only one thing – 3 hours went in vain. You start regretting about all  your dreams, and the only good idea starts flashing in your mind – to reach your soft sofa.

People who have a million of subscribers and a million hryvnias can usually vaporize and endlessly praise all these methods, but it is doubtful that they achieved it not because the splendid startup capital or Sugar Business Dad, but because of their ‘self-made wish cards.’And the brand-new cars, parked at their houses, apparently, are the results of the month long wish cards.

It is possible to spread out and to be inspired with such ‘precious’ tips till the senior age, but it is important to rationally evaluate your strengths and capabilities.  No card will help you unless you work hard to fulfill your dream.

A separate topic relates to ‘pseudo-coaches’ looking like ‘great psychics.’  What?  They look like high-skilled illusionists giving nothing and taking your money, taking your money and once again giving nothing! Such a sort of contemporary perpetual motion machine! They can beautifully offer a skyrocketing joint venture business with space soaring interest rates!  BUT after transmitting your money, you grasp just only one thing, “No money, no funny!” And to build a business, no matter how useful coaching tips are, you need startup capital.  And if you have a score of 0.0, how could these tips help you become a Captain of Lolage Business? The only way is to turn into the Craptain of Driddy Dupes!

From these stories we can conclude that in order to achieve your goals, you need to work and try hard, rationally evaluating the opportunities, conditions and forces, rather than relying on Super-puper-people who want just only to con you while rubbing behind your wet ears.  No horoscopes signs and stars, lines on your hand and forehead, coffee cup sketches and spits around your shoulders will determine your successful future.  And if you justify your failures with a phrase “so the stars came together,” you are unlikely to achieve yours.

Do you have any important purpose in life?  Are you sure you are reaching for the chrome step?  Do you just pay attention to “coaches”, “smart tips” and other trash?  If so, your mission in life is to lay deep in a hole and feed your brains with “crappy” information wrapped in glittering candy covers. I guess that dreams without hard work lead to degradation, and hard work with dreams lead to stars…

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