Vitali Klitschko – Mayor of Kyiv. Big Man with Big Heart!

(opinion article)

A world champion boxer in the past and a reliable politician in the present. Vitali Klitschko is a popular figure all over the world, known as a professional athlete, a well-respected mayor, and as a person who is sometimes confused in his thoughts. In the mayoral elections, Vitali Klitschko received more than half of the votes, and since then he has held this leading position.

Conducting business and charitable activities in the West and at home, he was convinced that the corruption plays the key role of brakes to all positive changes in our country. Additionally, it relates to the disregard for laws, morals and the interests of the people. After seeing the whole civilized world, he realized that it was necessary to change our country radically. So he decided to go into politics. He entrusted the work of doing business to his brother. And since then this big man with a big heart has got engaged in the affairs of the city of Kyiv.

I don’t like to talk about politics, but I couldn’t get around a person like Vitali Klitschko. Many people think about him as a mayor who stumbles down while carrying nonsense sometimes. I think it is just a fake stereotype imposed by some popular standup showmen. The fact is that all his friends, co-workers and folks say that Klitschko is a smart man with a strong will. Though, sometimes, he is not ready to ad lib at cameras, being plunged in the economic affairs of our city, so he makes slips of the tongue, from time to time.

Vitalii Klitschko was against the criminal regime of the pre-war president, and now in such difficult times, Klitschko helps his country as much as he can, constantly gets in touch and expresses his opinion on the current events.

I can say only one thing: in politics it is very difficult to choose a person who will fully sympathize with you, and you will like all his or heractions. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has their ups and downs. I do not want to evaluate Vitali Klitschko as a politician, but I can evaluate him as a decisive defender of the Motherland, good man and a loving father. He wholeheartedly helps everyone he can. So no matter how he looks on your screens and no matter how funny you sometimes find him, this person helps others openheartedly and does not wait for a reward.

Everyone can have his or her own opinion about this personality, but I think that my opinion is worth reading too!

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