(magic realism story)

Once upon a time, there was a magical ship called ‘Vomit.’ On board there were a team of brave Pirates that ruled the seas. They were just not common pirates buy treasure hunters seeking lost for the eternity riches. There was no one to stop them from learning the ropes in any new affair.

Knowledge grew more and more, ship got gorgeous and their Capitan turned into a wise old man. Ten more years he rules his team. However, one day a marvelous mermaid came and proclaimed that ‘Vomit would rest on the bottom of the sea for the whole year.

A half a year after the Captain suffered a heart attack and got six feet under, leaving his ship to the crew.

All of a sudden? Everything changed and all luck started vaporizing gradually from the glorious ship. Every day became harder and harder.

Having heard about the honored ship, one foul man decided to take over all treasures and knowledge.

How did it happen? Nobody knows, but the crew of ‘Vomit’ vanished in the sea waves since then. As for the ship it got new sails and a new captain. At first he was so happy with a new ship and piles of old and wise books. Though some weird things started chasing him aboard the ship. Night in and night out he was spooked by the ghosts of disappeared sailors.

After a long fight he got crazy and set himself ashore looking as ‘Vomit’ sail off the deserted coast taking all knowledge once found and spirits of sailors into the boundless sea depths. “One more Flying Dutchman punished me for all my deeds!” – these were the last words of the dying new Captain…

However, ‘Vomit’ did not turn into ‘Flying Dutchman’, the steering wheel of it was in the hands of the marvelous mermaid and a young pirate saved by her. Just a bit later they changed the name of the ship calling it ‘Wings’…

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