Wanna See Alive People


It was the second month of isolation. I changed a lot during the quarantine. If you take a deeper look, come up with values and character, you can say the following: I understood how much I needed people. A person cannot exist without another person; this distinguishes us from animals, although sometimes people behave worse than any animal. We socialize and no matter how we try to argue, we need communication, hugs, we need to hear the voice of others, their thoughts, which make us think and not degrade, we need laughter to increase the hormone of happiness.

If you sit all alone, a person goes crazy. No wonder they say that imprisonment in solitary confinement is worse than execution. Then a person hears his thoughts aloud, tries to communicate with himself, comes up with impossible dialogues, begins to live in his fictional universe, from which he cannot be pulled out. Such people are swallowed up by loneliness, it kills, maybe some are not, but when they return to society, they return as psychopaths.

Lockdown made it clear that we do not need material values. After all, you can sit for weeks in your luxurious apartment, which stands like an island in the Bahamas, and absolutely not get any pleasure from expensive leather sofas.

You just get drowned in an abyss, you succumb to the current, you watch shallow TV shows and always check Instagram…What will happen when you go out from your den and try to talk to people? Personally, I didn’t succeed. You run out of topics for conversation, the language is confused, you simply forget the words. Once I decided to go to the store…To see alive people…

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