War and E-learning, Spring and Uni-lovely-versity buddies…


How do I miss my University corridors and my class-cheery-mates! Nobody knows, but I know for sure…My studies and my life, in general, changed dramatically two years ago. An airborne virus disease has been born somewhere in China…We got prohibited to contact each other… Hundreds of people died from the Covid-19, so the lives of all people on the planet have changed in some way.

It is in Ukraine that the majority of schoolchildren and students have switched to distance learning. At my University we got a convenient platform for education and work, called e-learning. So, students work on the course, attach the work to the platform meeting deadlines and receiving grades for their practical and individual works…Of course, this was not all the work we were supposed to do. We also met at video conferences and discussed many brainstorming issues there.

In such a way I had studied until the second semester of the second year. Then something horrible happened. The more crafty and crazy disease called WAR came to our country taking thousands of lives of innocent children, crying civilian women and military men fighting for our Motherland – Ukraine… Still now I can`t grasp the war realities in my mind. How could it happen in the 21st century?

Education at the university continues, but we only work on the e-learning course. Due to the fact that we did not go to University for months (even through electronic platforms) due to the war, our curriculum has shrunk a bit and now I have to learn everything. We have a heavy workload; it is very difficult to perform all tasks in such a shocking situation in which we all found ourselves. However, I otta acknowledge that it’s great that e-learning functions well in spite of everything.

I know that many students were outraged that no one would go to university, but they liked not to wake up in the morning, just to work in the electronic office of their university. As far as I know, there are problems with e-learning in many universities, but I am pleased that everything is fine with it in my educational institution.

I hope that one day all these horrors will end, and I will be able to study normally for at least a year. E-learning is good, but it is even better when there are no problems and nothing can harm your health. Either it is a disease or the war…Every cloud has a silver lining, after the cold and dark times comes the spring sunshine, so I will wait for it with all my heart. If you only know how much I miss my Uni-funny-versity and my cheery buddies so much…

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