War is Scary! We will never forget Irpin and Bucha massacre!


I could never have imagined that in the twenty-first century, our world would still be dealing with aggressive and harsh politics in this way.

When everyone talked about a possible Russian attack the day before the tragedy, I didn’t believe it and denied this information in every possible way (maybe I just wanted to calm myself down in this way). And the next day, my sister and mother woke me up at five o’clock, with fear in their eyes, and excitedly frightened voices: “Alyona, ​​wake up, the war has begun! Collect documents and essentials.” It hurt me a lot to watch children running and crying because of gunshots, not realizing what it is. It hurt me to understand that my great-grandfather, who died defending my land in World War II, in fact, fought not for the end but for the continuation of the bloody war 77 years later. That the slogan “Never again!” turned into “We can repeat!” Who would have thought that the fame of veterans would be so ruined, and who knew at that time that our country would fight for its own freedom?

No, ‘they’ cannot re-energize the glory of their ancestors, because then, they honestly defended their land and their freedom, giving their lives for their humanity ideals! And now the country of the aggressor is close to the Nazis, just look at their Bucha ‘heroic’ massacre! Though I think that they are even worse! I feel sorry for my grandmother because she is a child of war, so why must she spend her old age in the time of war? We are not “brothers”! We will never forgive them their atrocities in Hostomel and Irpin and every child and every senior person death will be on their conscience! Not only that, I`d like to say, we will endure for sure, we are strong in spirit! Furthermore, we have the best Armed Forces, we have the most open-hearted people, we have the most patriotic nation! For centuries, we have been gnawing at the right to our own freedom! Where there are Ukrainians, freedom begins! EVERYTHING WILL BE UKRAINE!

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