It’s such a scary word, but you grasp how horendous it is only after seeing it all with your own eyes.

At 5 a.m. on February 24, the russian federation launched a brutal war in Ukraine. It is impossible to describe in words all feelings whirling furiously in my soul.

Everyone is panicking. Some are fleeing, some are hiding, and some are going to defend their homeland with weapons in their hands. At this point, the whole country turned into one fortress. All people are trying to help those who need it.

A few days later, the occupiers captured my hometown – Kherson, where I live. They began dictating their rules, trying to instill fear in civilians. Now, people are being stolen and beaten, killed and abused in various dirty ways for the desire to simply live in their native Ukraine as they lived before. Is that so much? However, even all these methods do not stop our people. Every day we go to the main square of our city and make it clear to the occupiers that we are not happy to see them here. They are not ashamed to throw different types of grenades at us, but this will not stop us.

During the war, I completely changed my worldview, my vision of all things. What used to seem very important now doesn’t matter. I just want to wake up and hear two words: “The end of the war.” THAT`S ALL! After these words, I will become the happiest person in the world.

I hope that the war will end soon, and we will live in peace again. However, we will never forget or forgive our “neighbors.”

Glory to Ukraine!

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