Watch your Kids

(criminal story)

It was one of those lovely days when you don’t expect anything bad to happen, cause it is so peaceful outside. Everything was so normal, birds were singing, people were walking outside with their friends or family. What can happen in the time of such blissful serenity? However…It happened. Like a thunder bolt out the blue it hit on a playground. Firstly everything looked absolutely normal, kids were playing their goody goody games, some of them were tinkering in a play pit and their parents were sitting on a bench talking to each other. But suddenly some weird woman came very close to one of the kids and started pulling a snub-nosed girl from the playground. It would look normal and make somebody think that this is his mother if the kid wasn’t so confused and scared. She started crying out loud and screaming. That’s when everyone understood that something is wrong.

When people were trying to grasp what was going on, the woman took the three-year old girl and ran from the playground. At that time some other woman came to the playground with a big ice-cream and started searching for her sweetie. A minute later she asked people if they didn’t see a little girl, who was sitting there and playing. After her words, everyone there understood that the weird woman just kidnapped the kid. Some of the parents started to tell her the whole story that some woman just took her girlie, another started to call the police and one man who was there jumped up and run in the direction where the woman disappeared.

It was a complete disaster. Everybody went crazy, poor mum started to cry and scream, all the people were hustling and bustling, running around in circles. When the police came, everyone was tense and scared, the police interrogated the witnesses, trying to estimate the situation. Suddenly the man, who went to chase the kidnapper, appeared on the street with the saved kid. The police and the woman run up to him, the woman took her child and the police started questioning him.

In the end, the hero told the whole story. He chased the kidnapper who was trying to get the unhappy girlie into the car, while she was yelling, biting and resisting like a wild kitty. He took her from the kidnapping woman and did his best to detain the psycho woman, though she managed to worm out and run away. So he got the brave girl and brought her to her overjoyed mother.

The crime scene ended happily without any victims. After few months, the police found the kidnapper and her crime group, arresting all of them together, so they will never hurt anyone again. As for the other mummies, they got a harsh lesson and stopped leaving their kids even for yummy ice-cream cones…

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