Waterdrops Are Hugging Each Other!


It’s been raining. It’s been raining forever. The drops dripped down the glass as if they were racing. They seemed to be competing with each other. I imagined the conversation of drops at the start,

“I will win and reach the finish line first,” and “No, the victory will be mine, and I will consume you.”

A thunderstorm shot is heard, and the rainfall deluged…

I watch the first drop falling down and the second one catching up with it… the one that was the first, turns out behind the opponent’s back…In a while they are tumbling neck by neck… I can not stop them from racing, I just can step and wipe them off the glass, but I don’t want to do anything. I’m just watching.

And so… The last few inches to the finish line. Just a little more and the winner of this race will be determined. Wind….. The drops are fusing and hugging each other… Finish…

My coffee break is over. It is time to get back to my brass tacks…I mean my work…

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