We decorate the Christmas tree – we are waiting for the holiday

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A large family gathers for the New Year and Christmas holidays. At this time, all problems and troubles are thrown to the background, there is hope that the coming year will enrich us with joy and prosperity.

There has long been a wonderful tradition on the eve of the holiday to decorate the Christmas tree, which is the most important attribute of the holiday extravaganza. I like to look at the evergreen trees, especially to walk near them – the aroma beckons to a good mood. And near shimmering shiny and colorful ribbons, garlands, beads …

Christmas tree. What is the cost of this year’s holiday beauty? From the smallest to the largest coniferous the price fluctuates mainly from 30 to 400 hryvnias. After a little bargaining, you can bring down another five or ten. In the line of sellers, you can choose what you want: fluffy, fragrant, high, low, and even artificial… Eco-friendly variant with artificial fir-trees is a good choice…Though everyone will help you to choose to any taste.

Garlands. The situation is similar with garlands because they are on sale in different sizes and colors. While seeking the cheapest option (without all sorts of “gadgets”), I managed to find for 50 UAH, but there were much more expensive – for three hundred. Yellow, red, green and in general “gray-brown-crimson” fluffy ribbons for a Christmas tree cost from 5 for the thinnest to 15 – 20 hryvnias for more solid ones.

Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations are also in a wide range. Each seller is individual, and his eyes are wide open. You can buy small and large from 3 to 20 hryvnias per piece, but there are also sets – for four pieces they ask from 25 hryvnias. Beautiful multi-colored beads have become fashionable, for a spool of which they ask for 20-30 hryvnias.

Summarizing the prices, you come to the conclusion that the cheapest New Year’s beauty will cost about 130, and the most expensive will reach 750 – 1000 UAH. Of course, this cost could be reduced if you keep last year’s jewelry and buy an artificial beauty. The cost of the latter is from UAH 150 for a one-and-a-half-meter “tree”, but we will note that it will last more than one year, and at the same time will save the forest resources of our region.

Christmas spirit. However, despite the many expenses that the New Year and Christmas holidays require, I wish everyone a fun, loud and unforgettable meeting. Dear students, may your most cherished dreams come true in the New Year!

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