Weird Fig

(magical realism story)

When Lexie was little, she used to visit her grandparents during summer holidays. They lived in a small summer cottage with a big garden. The girl hated that garden. It was enormous, and she was always getting lost there very easily. It had a really weird smell. Lexie was always wondering where that smell came from.

So one day she decided to go there and find it out. The girl went to the garden and wandered there for hours. She got upset when she didn’t manage to find anything and was about to go home but suddenly, something hit her head. Lexie looked right up and saw a magically looking tree with strange apples on it. She found the fallen apple in the grass and smelled it. That’s it. At last the girl found this mystical tree with the weird smell. Her curiosity reached the level when she couldn’t stop and bit a tiny piece from it.  “Hm, not bad at all,” thought the girl and saw huge wings behind her back.

“Wow! I am a butterfly now,” said Lexie. And right when she was about to leave the ground someone`s strong hand grabbed her by leg and put her down.
That was her grandfather.  “Oh, honey, you found my fig tree,” said the girl’s grandfather and took a bite from the same fig. “Let`s fly together…Then you will fly alone…Great deeds are waiting for you in this life…Especially behind the horizon…”

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