Welcome to Miami, Miami is Floriding you, baby!

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No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
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Have you ever heard anything about Miami? They say that the only difference between an oven and Miami is that the oven doesn`t produce nightmare hurricanes. Don`t trust them. Miami is a paradise where even palmetto bugs feel hilarious!

From gorgeous beaches to world-class nightlife, Miami has everything for you to admire and enjoy. If you are into nature, you can head to Everglades National Park or if you like to party all night then South Beach is your place. Regardless of what you are looking for in a tropical vacation, Miami, Florida has all wonders you need.

There is the list of the best attractions in Miami.

  1. City of Miami Beach

The city of Miami Beach offers a bevy of activities whether your passion is water activities, dance, music, or visual arts. Separated from Miami by Biscayne Bay, this resort town sits right on the ocean.

Movie buffs might recognize this picturesque city from movies like The Bird Cage and Scarface.

It also provided the backdrop for the popular 1980s television show Miami Vice. The New World Symphony is based in this part of the city, performing at the New World Center, a building designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.

  1. Zoo Miami

Begun in 1948 with three monkeys, two black bears, and a goat, Zoo Miami has survived two hurricanes since then and remains one of America’s favorite zoos. In fact, it is the only tropical zoo in the United States. Visitors can experience the animals of Asia, Africa, Amazon and Beyond, and Australia. An air-conditioned monorail connects the vast park and makes it easier to move between exhibits while providing unparalleled views. There are also narrated tram tours that allow tourists to get an in-depth knowledge of the zoo and its animals.

  1. Enjoy the art-deco buildings of Ocean Drive

Merely walking on Ocean Drive is an irreplaceable Miami experience. The iconic Ocean Drive is the centerpiece of Miami’s Art Deco District and contains over 900 art-deco, 1950’s-style buildings, like the Colony Hotel, a South-Beach landmark, built in 1939. Walking down Ocean Drive is like walking through a time capsule, one where the past and present of Miami intersect. This is the perfect spot to people watch, take pictures and watch the nightlife of Miami unfold.

  1. Miami Beach

When you think of Miami, you may already dream of the sunny beaches where you can enjoy the good weather in great temperatures. Miami Beach may be the biggest reason why tourists travel here. Relaxing in the afternoon is one of the best things to do in Miami, but the whole area is, in fact, one of the biggest attractions in Miami. Technically, the beach is just outside the city, in the middle of the Art deco district, a district full of exceptional buildings. The stunning hotels, shop fronts and other buildings in art deco architectural style are best seen with a walking tour, one of the most culturally rich excursions in Miami.

  1. Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is located in the east of Biscayne Boulevard and is one of the best places to go in Miami. This public park in downtown Miami is the setting for many events including the New Year’s Ball drop, concerts and even performances taking place in the Bayfront Park Amphitheater. One of the highlights is the Pepper fountain, an electronically controlled fountain. You also have three important monuments: the Torch of Friendship, which reflects Miami’s good relations with the countries of Central and South America, the World War II Memorial and the Challenger Memorial: a memorial site for the crew that died after the explosion of a spacecraft in 1986. These three monuments are an additional asset why Bayfront Park is one of the major attractions in Miami.

So, the Capital of Latin America, the Magic Miami City, is Floriding you…do forgive me… waiting for you!

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