Welcome to the Fairy Tale

(fairy tale)

It was a common day.

Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle, Aurora, Snow White, Merida, Jasmine, and Cinderella met in the fitness room, which they attended twice a week. Oh no, they didn’t try to keep in good shape. They just wanted to take a break from their princes and their problems.

“Today is a wonderful day, girls,” Rapunzel stated.

“Every day is wonderful for us, sweetheart,” Jasmine remarked “Because we are heroines, of course. Today we are in the fitness room; tomorrow we will save this world or…our souls. We are an example for other girls. They are trying to be like us, though we aren’t ideal. We have many problems; however, we are trying to live like in fairy tales.”

Princesses fetched heavy sighs, “We have to work hard to be a good example for other girls.”

“This morning my prince said that he didn’t want to swim to my father for his birthday in the open ocean,” Ariel said sadly. “I think my father would be only happy, while listening to this. They are still not friends with each other.”

“My prince still forgets that he’s not a beast anymore and eats without a fork,” remarked Belle.

“What are you talking about, girls?” Miranda sighed, stretching to the floor, “I have no prince at all. So? I’m happy. I run through the woods and shoot arrows, sing songs and talk to animals! I’m free.”

“With your temper it’s no wonder. Once you turned your mother into a bear”

“I’m trying to forget about it…”

“I’m trying to forget that I slept for a hundred years and then married the first man I met… I’m the oldest one here,” Aurora did a stretch.

Though the girls kept silence…I heard as one of them said,

“Welcome to the fitness room, girls! It is a portal to fairy tales!”

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