What a Strikingly Stunning Cover!

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Oh, my God! What a beautiful cover! I come closer to the shelf where it is. The book of my dreams. Well, probably the book of my dreams. Most likely. I do not change my mind until I start reading the description. What kind of boredom? Oh my God. What a pity, what a pity. You are so beautiful on the outside, but so uninteresting on the inside. Sorry, so sorry.

I’m upset, but not very much. Still wandering past the shelves in search of a masterpiece of world literature.  The smell of books is so appealing that I’m ready to spend my life here. Right now and forever!

Well okay. I will no longer fall for a fascinating cover. And I will not judge the book by the cover either. I won’t. I won’t. Until the next beauty with an amazing design winks at me nearby. I am so confused over the picture that I feel splendidly sick. Wow… Wow…

And I will not read the description. No, I will not. I will go to the cashier. Right now. I will buy this book, and when I get home I will be disappointed and will regret the money spent. I will be so upset that I will sit down to write my own book. And I will put down all my thoughts, all my dreams. And I’ll write .. And I’ll make the most boring cover in the world! After all, the cover is not noticed… The cover is ignored…My cover will be like catch-22…Yeah.

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