What are light-novels?

Contemporary novels by Japanese writers include light-novels. These literary works, small in volume, with exciting and sometimes mystical plots will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of colorful Japanese manga or anime.

What are light-novels?

Contemporary novels by Japanese writers include light novels. These literary works, small in volume, with inspiring and sometimes mystical plots will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of colorful Japanese manga or anime.
Light novels and their features
The target audience of light novels (or light novels) is teenagers and student youth, whose interests are reduced to romantic relationships and mystical adventures. That is why the plot of most modern Japanese works is based on the relationship of heroes who find themselves in unusual life circumstances.

The main difference between light novels and other types of Japanese works are:
– the structure of sentences and paragraphs;
– text consisting of dialogues of heroes;
– a limited number of pages;
– a minimum of illustrations on the text. Unlike other popular Japanese comics, the unfolding of the plot in the stories can be traced only by the dialogues. Because for the entire light novel you can find only 1-2 illustrations. They are usually found at the beginning and in the middle of a book. Small novels can only have one colorful picture on the cover and one black and white drawing after the first 200-300 pages.

The main reasons for the demand for the light novels.

The popularity of light novel books lies in their structure, which influences the perception of content by readers. In light novels, the storytelling is often conducted in the first person, and the very essence (the story) is presented in the form of a conversation between the characters.

According to experts, this feature does not make it possible to publish full-fledged animation based on content (in comparison with the same comics) , because only by analyzing conversations can you understand:

– plot;
– the character of the heroes;
– relationships.
Japanese animators have managed to create screen versions of famous light novels that have been popular with viewers for many decades.

Light novels are also gaining popularity due to the type of books, because in direct comparison with other viable options, light novels have an unusual format. It is customary to publish printed versions in the original language in the form of pocket collections, which are easy to hide in a small handbag. Many of the light novelsб written by famous Japanese writers, are now available to Ukrainian readers in electronic form. The works adapted for the Ukrainian and Russian-speaking audience can be read online on specialized sites or downloaded in the desired format in smartphone applications.

The main advantage of non-printed books is new light novels can be found on the web much earlier than in print. The fact that you no longer have to knock your feet in search of a new volume of your favorite genre speaks in favor of subscribing to the platform.

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