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Sometimes people look for life, and sometimes they find it in a day. Sometimes we wait, and sometimes make someone wait for us.

Sometimes we meet someone, and it seems to us forever, and sometimes we see off, and we understand that this was how it should be.

Sometimes we strive to communicate, expand the circle of acquaintances, hurry somewhere, hurry to someone, and sometimes we just want to close our eyes, and nothing else is needed — just you and the silence inspiring peace in your soul and mind.

Sometimes we turn off all the phones, so long as no one bothers us, and sometimes we sit, surrounded by handsets, and we can’t breathe, we tremble with impatience, waiting for one single call.

Sometimes we wait for stormy passions, as in a love affair, and sometimes one kiss is enough to feel all the tenderness and even passion. And when we leave, we never leave to the end, and leave a piece of ourselves to whom we say goodbye, and he, even very willing, will never be able to throw this piece “into spam”, because the merger and acquisition is the main essence of this game with the proud name “ a life.”

Sometimes we wrap ourselves in a blanket and still cannot warm up, because in reality, we are cold not outside, but inside, in the heart.

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