What Did You Do in My Yard?

Late autumn reigned in the city courtyard. The two best friends Alice and Jana tired of daily humdrum life decided to go to Jana’s grandmother living in the countryside for a little rest. They loved to be there, because it was a picturesque and pastoral place. The girls liked to spend evenings on the playground, riding a swing, listening to music and watching the sky, which in good weather was always strewn with sparkling stars.

In the morning they collected their belongings and went to the station being full of a joyful expectation. A few hours later, the tickled trippers were on the spot in spite of all potholes in the ‘unbelievable’ Ukrainian roads. After their arrival, late in the evening, the girls hooked a huge bunch of old clothes on themselves. They had always done so because it was cold enough and they could hardly see their own hands in front of their faces on the street. Not to get frozen within a few hours, a lot of effort should be made.

After making sure that the clothes were warm enough, the friends went to the site of the well-known road. There was a little to go. The direct path passed through the main street, on both sides of which stood residential houses. It was necessary to pass at the store, and from there simply to go to the opposite side of the road. Having overcome most of the way, they noticed a car that slowed down waiting for the approach of Jana and Alice. Let us remember that it was pitch-dark, so the girls were pretty frightened.

“What will we do?” Alice asked.

“Will we quickly return back, or will we run farther?”

“I would quickly go into someone’s yard,” answered Jana.

The girls crossed the road, at the same time as the car slowly pulled over right at their long legs. The faint-hearted female friends moved fast to the nearest wooden gate and went inside.

The window in the car rolled down, and they heard the voice of a young guy, “Ira, hello, he is healthy.”

“This is not Ira,” Alice answered in an anxious way.

The guy apologized and after that, the car set off and vanished into thin air. The friends were very frightened because, in addition to the weird car, they were in an unfamiliar yard at night. At any moment the owner of the house could go outdoors, and then all their plans to have a rest would fly under the cat`s tail. The girls waited for a few more minutes to make sure the car rushed off definitely and decidedly. After that, Jana and Alice went out into the street and moved on. They  almost reached their Grand Mom courtyard and breathed out with relief. Suddenly, they noticed that the car started on the opposite side of the street, made a U-turn and went in their direction. The same yellow machine. The same young driver…They stopped, not knowing what to do, and the car sharply slowed down right in front of their shaking hands, almost knocking Jana off her feet.

The girls were frightened, Jana started shouting at the driver, who lowered the  door window and asked a question in a calm voice, “Girls, and what did you do in my yard?”

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