What I Learned At The Conference ‘Creative Industries: Modern Trends’

(opinion article)

On May 13, 2021, I had a great opportunity to join and listen to presentations at the conference ‘Creative Industries: Modern Trends.’ I will say at once that I received an extremely large amount of useful information and ideas for reflection.

From the first I joined the section ‘TRENDS AND PROSPECTS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CREATIVE INDUSTRIES,’ where I had the opportunity to learn about the reasons for the growing popularity of podcasts, the role of corporate magazines in creating a company image, as well as modern trends of online business promotion and creative visual trends in Instagram. In my opinion, understanding the directions in which the creative industries will develop is very important for those who are involved in their work.

The next must-see event for me was the Round Table ‘MODERN CHALLENGES AND TRENDS IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES,’ where representatives of the Ukrainian and Finnish publishing business discussed the importance of the book ecosystem and shared what challenges they faced during the pandemic and how to find a way out of them.

Marjana Savka, a co-founder of ‘The Old Lion Publishing House,’ said that all employees of their bookstores were given tasks ─ during the lockdown they had to read as many books of the publishing house as possible and discuss them in small groups, and it helped them to better study the book assortment of ‘The Old Lion Publishing House.’ I also liked their idea ‘Coffee and books to go,’ and also captured the story of the case, which was a collaboration with Monobank. In turn, Tuula Pere and Pekka Pere, founders of the Finnish publishing house Wickwick, stressed the need for partnerships and support for small book publishers. This is just a small list of insights that I, as a future publisher, found very interesting and useful to hear firsthand.

The last event I joined in this conference was ‘the MEDIA MONETIZATION Workshop.’ Media monetization is the process of converting information into money. In this master class, the speaker gave a very successful, in my opinion, example of monetization ─ media ‘The Village Ukraine, ‘which communicates very well with its target audience and uses various formats to create content.

In conclusion, I can confidently assure you that the conference ‘Creative Industries: Modern Trends’ – has become a real source of really relevant and practical information, an event where you can improve your skills through knowledge.

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