What is body neutrality and how this trend helps to be happy?

“I don’t have to love myself 24/7 to be happy. The body is simply a body, whatever it may be,” is the basic statement of the philosophy of body neutrality. Its supporters call for a shift in focus from how the body looks and focus on its capabilities, health and personal comfort.

We have a body and it can be of different shapes and sizes – this is normal. But constantly thinking about your appearance, criticizing yourself, discussing the body and “beauty” of others is destructive.

Body neutrality is precisely the fact that we should move away from the belief “love your body every second!” and focus on taking care of your body and being grateful for its physical capabilities. The body is just a collection of organs that allow us to exist, a kind of “shell of personality.”

According to the philosophy, we should think more about what we need for a healthy and long life, rather than how we look. Yes, at times we may not like it, we want to lose weight or gain weight – and this is perfectly normal, because we are living people. For a harmonious life, we should try to pay attention to how the body helps us every day. And also on what our personality and character are, and not only physical properties.

The term was first used on the Internet in 2015, and the trend itself emerged as a result of criticism of the shortcomings of body positivity. Later, it was used by psychotherapists, bloggers and celebrities. In addition, in 2019 a book by British writer Annushka Reese “Beyond Beautiful”, where the author, in particular, understands the flow of body neutrality.

The philosophy of bodily neutrality teaches to be more aware, to feel your body better, to understand its needs. The absence of a “duty” to love oneself in any body or to meet “standards” of beauty reduces stress and anxiety. And it allows you to focus on health and well-being and just enjoy life with all its ups and downs.

So, how to start the path to bodily neutrality?

  • learn to feel your body;
  • do not judge by appearance;
  • сhoose exercise that brings happiness;
  • make a choice out of love for yourself;
  • value what the body does for you;
  • keep your balance;
  • choose healthy food;
  • focus on health;
  • take your time.

Everyone should understand “My body is not perfect. But it allows me to have the fullest life and enjoy every moment”.

March 18, 2021

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