What is money? How to spend it? Where to save it?


What is money? For somebody money talks and for another says ‘Good-bye.’ Money is necessary for any person to be able to pay for the desired product or service. Money is both a means of survival and a benefit of life.

Why should we raise money? Every family should have a family budget to spend money, keep track of expenses, save money to avoid debts and other risks in the future. Raising money is also vital for various purposes. It doesn’t matter what the goal is: study or travel, things or food, emotions or art. We can buy all this if we earn enough money. This is worth the money.

Where to save money? There are many options for storing money, money can be put in a bank, this is the most advanced option. A riskier option is to invest in some business or real estate. You can also keep money at home, in a safe or under a mattress. I guess that the latter variant is undesirable to use. Though some members of Ukrainian parliament do it. Maybe they know something that we don`t know?

So money is something you need to be able to interact with, cash loves to be counted, raised and stored, but it loves to give joy and security…

Money with brains is fun, money without brains is dull…

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