Sustainable fashion has a lot of parameters. This is the environmental friendliness and ethics of production, this is the social support of employees of fashion brands and factories, environmental friendliness of logistics, local support at various levels, transparency of processes and much more.

Buying consciously means at least influencing the entire fashion industry and forcing designers and brands to think about change. A change in consumer behavior is a change in the vector of the entire fashion industry.


Here are some general tips that will be acceptable to different audiences, because consumers can be differentiated not only by material or social status, but also by their attitude to fashion, trends. Now there are plenty of interesting options for everyone:

  • buy less;
  • plan a capsule wardrobe;
  • buy quality things, ie things made of quality fabrics, with accessories that do not spoil;
  • do not choose a cheap mass market, and buy things from local manufacturers. If possible, you can buy luxury brands, especially for shoes and bags: things of such brands will last more than 3-5 years and even longer;
  • also, instead of 2-3 purchases in the mass market, try to invest in an expensive thing of your favorite brand. It will be iconic for you, and you will definitely get more pleasure than from impulsive purchases in cheap brands.

We also advise you to take good care of things. That is to wash on the correct modes, to give to dry-cleaning if washing can spoil structure of fabric or all thing. You can creatively repair things, because any defect can be decorated, customized or altered / repainted.

For those who need to buy something new, who follow trends or who are asked to buy something – this is a certain type of coping, then the most interesting – is surfing on reseller platforms Grailed, Vestiaire Collective, Bump or Trend Hunters or at supervised vintage markets or vintage stores, if you don’t like online shopping.

Kyivness, Portobello road market, Manhattans Babe, Valois Vintage and many others can find super things at a reasonable price and buy what someone no longer needs. Also now popular sales of your own wardrobe on Instagram, it is also interesting to follow and sometimes you can buy something really incredible.

Resell your things. It is possible to hand over things in “Laska”, to recycle worn-out spoiled things in rags for the house, bags, rugs. Here, too, comes to the aid of creativity and smart savings.

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