What is Weird?


Somewhere there the music is constantly playing and some people in headphones listen to the sound of silence. Just imagine this world, full of barbeque grills and rubbish, precious gems and dirty crap, fairy tale people and freaks. This has already been written by world classics and readers, apparently, have already recalled ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ (by the way, I called my cat Alice.).

I often hear that I am probably smoking before I come to a party or our University, but I assure you, I just have such a mood, character, state of mind and psychical body (regarding the health of the latest items, I’m not sure).

I just like to choose books for aroma, randomly talking about funky facts when the conversation stops and floods into deep silence (which, by the way, pours into the ears and then itches horrible)…I love fluffy cotton wool for breakfast and count the buttons on the clothes of people in the subway. If it seems strange, I expect from you a list of what you do every day and it will turn out that at least one thing is non-standard in your behavior and nobody except you does that. For example, my friend clips every time the green car sees, my dad listens to singing birds and coins up that they twitter him something, and one of my buddies said suddenly that my bra shouted ‘Hurray!’ True, I’m not sure that not every woman likes to hear it (at least a triumphant sound during this process we all do, and it’s okay, because the bra is a yoke on our beautiful bodies, girls.). So, to what I lead, all people are weird, however, this word is too rough, I would say that we are all special, unique and so lovely. Therefore, you do not need to force yourself to be standard. That is, you do not have to experience that you are too loud, whether you have strange habits, even if you hear that you look like under a drug, you need to say, “Thank you, it’s my role, bro!” It’s lovely to be yourself, and if you can`t be yourself – you will be nobody, because there is no other role, dude. All other roles are uncommitted, unaware, unpleasant, just not yours! Therefore, it’s best to be strange.

This also applies to beauty. If you think you are ugly – it’s a lie to yourself (which is the most horrible kind of lies). You are handsome! You just do not allow yourself to see your own beauty or you are a little stupid, but good-looking. Sorry, if you are offended, dudes. In general, I do not remember the theme of this essay, but it has to raise you the mood. Good luck, friends! 🤗

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