What Makes Me the Happiest Person


There are a lot of things that make me a little happier every day, but I still haven’t figured out how to draw up a list. So voila! Though it will be weird a bit…

Lipstick makes me really happier. A lot of people consider cosmetics and makeup as a lie. But for me, it’s an outlet, and I feel very comfortable with painted lips. Somehow I love myself more or something like that…Weird as hell.

I really like choosing presents. For me, this is probably the best kind of leisure. I make lists, discuss everything, re-read correspondence, look at old photos, etc. All this creates an incredible atmosphere of magic and hope for the right gift. And of course to watch how relatives like this gift, which goes through the dogs, dolls and the quicksand.

When some songs start touching my heart, I’m ready to listen to them again and again. Then I throw them to my friends, hoping that they will like it too. Minutes of fading breath from the elegance of the moment.

Choosing outfits for different holidays and more, it’s just love. Of course, sometimes I’m very angry because what was in my head and what we have in reality do not always converge. Nevertheless. This stage of preparation gives the impression of my readiness and desire to feel better. Yes, it lifts my spirit.

Take a picture! I never say what works for me because it’s not. I’m not a photographer with a lot of ideas and an understanding of how to exhibit shots. I just love the camera and the people, family and friends, my dog Cinnamon and sunsets. In brief, all sorts of ‘sick’ things. It gives me a sense of the moment.

It all sounds very splendid, I’d say. But most importantly, my life makes me happy. And all this life consists of such moments. I love it!

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