What Measures Can We Make In Order To Change Our Ordinary Attitude For Clothing

(opinion article)

In the era of overconsumption, it is very important to radically change the attitude towards clothes. An item should be treated not just as a piece of fabric, but as an important tool for self-expression, which deserves respect for itself and should be of good quality.

The information sphere plays a very important role in changing attitudes towards clothing. As soon as all brands begin to openly tell how much resources they spend to create a collection, what salaries their employees receive, people will begin to perceive clothes as a value.

It is also very important to lay the foundations of a culture of reasonable consumption since childhood. Therefore, for example, it is possible to introduce lessons on sustainable life at school, and at work conduct a variety of lectures/workshops on this topic, so that the idea of conscious consumption spreads in all groups of society. By using clear examples, it is necessary to fully explain to people why now, buying less, we can slightly reduce the negative impact on our planet. For example, news can broadcast not only updates on politics, but also about eco-initiatives or popularize recycling. State and sponsorship support for projects is also very important, the creators of which are looking for new, less harmful ways of clothes production, using natural or recycled materials in production, making sustainable fashion more accessible to everyone.

Now everyone can become a planet-friendly by not throwing away their unnecessary thing, but giving it to charity; not chasing trends, buying everything, but shaping your own style using vintage, second-hand items or purchases made from sustainable brands.

And the events of 2020 have emphasized that more is not always better. Brands that reduce the range by focusing on demand, and relying less on discounts as a way to increase sales, often show better results than those that do not.

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